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A little bit about us ! 

Our Priorities!

Our Team !

Health Services Family Association has been an established Childcare Provider since 1987 and has grown from offering Vacation care during school holidays to now offering Before and After School Care . 

The Incorporated Body also known as the Committee, makes all the policy decisions for the service and consists of hospital staff from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Hollywood Hospital, Parents and Community Members. 

Our service complies with all regulatory standards that govern the provision of Childcare and based on this have a priority of access when filing vacancies at our service. 

Our priority list is as follows; 

  1. Children at risk of serious abuse and neglect

  2. Parents who are working or satisfy the                     work,training,study test

  3. Employees from Sir Charles  Gairdner                     and Hollywood Hospital. 

  4. Other working families from the community

  5. Working families who have children with                 additional needs

  6. Families who require respite care. 

Our service has a committed team of caring staff who as Educators are well qualified to care for your children. This is made up by a Supervisor who oversees the day to day routines of the children, the Early Childhood Educators and Administration Staff. 

All Staff have children's services qualifications and have all regulatory clearances to allow them to work with children. 

All staff are provided with first aid and anaphylaxis training.

Staffing rations are set out as per the Child Care Regulations 2012.
The centre must have one staff member to every 10 kindergarten children
and one staff member  for every thirteen children from pre-primary. 


The children are split into age groups
The LT'S are the 4-7 year olds
The HHH's are the 8-12 year olds


Flexible Drop off and Pick Up Times

Pupil Free Days 

Qualified Staff

Just recently we have extended our opening and close hours to accommodate our early start and late finish parents.

We are no operating the following times

Opening :  6.30 am till 9.00 am

Close    :  2.30 pm till 6.30 pm

Here at HSFA we cater for a variety of Pupil Free Days each term for the various schools we work with. 

Pupil Free Days in the past have included Bowling, Nature Scape, Swimming and Rollerblading.

HSFA has a certified Supervisor and trained staff on duty at all times.

Our staff here hold First Aid Certificates, Anaphylaxis Certificates and Asthma Certificates as well as some of the staff holding Supervisor Certificates. 

Your Child's Safety is our Number One Priority



Our GET ACTIV Program is a kids' Favourite



We are Asthma Aware



We are Anaphylaxis Aware 



We are here to help with Homework






The Parents Corner


The Parent Handbook is a useful resource for parents to get a  good idea of what our Child Care has to offer and how we operate on a day to day basis. 

For more information on the Parent Handbook please click on the link below and have a read of our Parent Handbook.