About Our Vacation Care Program


New Prices for Vacation Care 

Incursions $ 80.00 per day 

Excursions $ 95.00 per day 

Parents ! Have a read below at some important information regarding our vacation care program

The program is open for children from Kindy age (enrolled in or attending) and follows the "My Time  Our Place" framework for school aged care in Australia

The centre opens at 6.30 am and closes at 6.00 pm during Vacation Care. A late collection fee will       apply after 6.00pm. Please be aware of this and read the "Late Collection Policy" see updated policy. 

On Excursion Days please have children at the centre by 9.00 am and thoroughly check the time the        excursion leaves the centre. 


Check the program daily for any special requirements for the days' activities. Suitable footwear; for safety reasons,  should be worn at all times. Please no thongs. 

Electronic devices are not acceptable and the centre accepts no responsibility for loss or damage if  they are brought in by children. If children need to call parents the office phone will be made available to them. 

PARKING - Parking is only available for drop off and pick up outside T Block. We have allocated bays for this purpose and they are alongside the parking areas for our own buses. Parking is not allowed on the grassed area outside the centre. In doing so you are threatening the renewal of our licence as well as violating council and hospital by-laws. 

Please note: We have a "no hat, no play " policy. Children without hats will be unable to play outdoor attend excursions on excursion days. We do not have spare hats due to health and hygiene policy and if your child arrives without a hat on excursion days they will not be able to attend and will need to be collected. (Please see attached Sun Policy)  

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LT's and HHH's Vacation Care